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I’m Erin Roberts, a registered nurse and licensed Esthetician. I specialize in teaching Estheticians the secrets to really good microcurrent facials… and how to build a thriving business around this niche treatment.

Frustrated by mediocre results? Want to know the SECRET to the ultimate lift?

I’ll guide you in honing your Microcurrent skills and confidence, empowering you to:

  • Maximize your microcurrent investment
  • Achieve the ultimate microcurrent lift for your clients
  • Build a loyal clientele that keeps coming back for more

Join me and let’s take your Microcurrent game to the next level!

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You’re in the right place…

I’ve been where you are…

I understand the frustration of searching for quality Microcurrent training because I’ve been there too.

I heard success stories from other Estheticians about how microcurrent transformed their businesses, so I invested thousands in my first machine. However, after only a brief training session, I felt unprepared and uncertain

I found myself asking clients to invest in treatment packages without feeling confident in my abilities. Some clients had okay results, while others saw none.

I was confused and my confidence was crumbling so I sold my machine and invested in another brand (believing the issue was the machine). Yet, I encountered the same challenges. I knew something was missing.

Education is Key. To succeed, you need the right techniques tailored to each client, expertise in facial muscle anatomy, and a solid understanding of how microcurrent works with facial muscles and skin. My goal is to help Estheticians avoid the same mistakes I made. I’ve developed a comprehensive aesthetic microcurrent course that is machine-neutral, ensuring Estheticians can confidently utilize their machines and deliver exceptional results. Everything I’ve learned over the last 15 years—resources I wish were available when I first started—is now at your fingertips. Too many Estheticians give up and let their machines collect dust – I’m here to change that.

Join me for my Microcurrent Masterclass, where you’ll learn anatomy, techniques, and protocols to enhance your skills and confidence, ensuring your clients receive the best possible results.

Microcurrent Techniques

Learn different techniques to achieve the best results.

Facial Muscle Anatomy

Gain a deeper understanding of expressive facial muscles.

How Microcurrent Works

Understand how microcurrent affects the skin & facial muscles.

You may not know me yet

So let me share some feedback from those who do…

I completed microcurrent training with Erin Roberts and I must say it was an incredible experience. The training was comprehensive, covering all essential and advanced topics related to facial microcurrent techniques and facial musculature. Erin is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and really helped me to understand the concepts thoroughly.

Tyrla Woods

Esthetician, T L Spa Skin Studio

To everyone who does microcurrent, you have to take Erin’s class! I just finished the first module and I’m blown away by her ability to simplify potentially complicated information into attainable language. I’ve been doing microcurrent for 5 years and have taken many manufacturer’s classes, but I learned more in just 13 minutes about easier ways to explain microcurrent to my clients than in all the other classes combined. I already have my spiel, but with this additional knowledge, I can give a deeper, easy-to-understand explanation that truly sets me apart as an expert.
Diedre Mikkelson

Face Lash Love

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